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Behind the Scenes: The Art of Screen Printing Custom T-Shirts

The era of the internet has brought about significant changes! Hasn’t it? I guess we can all agree upon that fact. The internet keeps on crawling back in most of our conversations, mostly because it is probably the sole contributor towards bringing all of us like-minded people together, and like-minded we are when it comes to having an immense love for icustom T-shirts Concord . We hopped on the trendy train of icustom T-shirts quite a while back and having been in the industry for some time now, we like to talk to people about what the personalized T-shirt printing scenario is like.

Anybody who has a special liking towards something will naturally get curious about how the thing comes into existence. One thing that we find a lot of people getting confused about is, what printing method to use for their icustom graphic tees and more specifically what exactly the process of screen printing is like.

Let us assure you that the art of screen printing in California is not new. It has been there for quite some time and it works out really well, giving clear perfect prints when used to make custom-printed T-shirts.

So, like we keep saying, the process starts at the roots - which is the idea! The idea is the core as we believe that custom T-shirts are not only about style but also about making an artistic statement about one’s sense of fashion. Once one has an idea, they can even design their own custom T-shirt online! However, once that is complete, both the technical and design team would reconfirm the design in order to make sure that the custom design is as close if not exactly like the idea that the artist had. The best part? They’ll make the print exactly like the design.

Once all of this is done, the screens are then made ready. Well, for better understanding, consider the screens to be giant stencils! Yes! You read that right! Giant stencils! A green-colored liquid which is the emulsion is applied to the screens to block out the spaces where the design does not require colors. The emulsion basically blocks the ink to pass on from the screen to the fabric of the custom T-shirt. Following that heat is applied to make the design settle completely on the T-shirt.

The next part is where the T-shirts are pressed under heavy machinery to complete the process of ink transferring from the screen onto the fabric. Each printed T-shirt goes through thorough checking before this step is undertaken. In fact, thorough checking is done even after this process. This is to make sure that the design on the printed T-shirt comes out just like it looked on the computer.

The last step is to blast dry the custom T-shirts to make sure that print is everlasting and gives off a sharp and crisp finish.

Well! Now there is an answer to the long-back-asked question! This is how the process of screen printing is executed to get personalized T-shirts and custom graphic tees.